Competitive Handgun Shooting

There's an excellent variety of competitive handgun shooting at the Weeping Water Gun Club, and this page will tell you a bit about the various types of competitions. The matches we shoot are generally with .22LR, center fire (CF ) - any center fire pistol of .32 or larger), .45ACP and Air Pistol.

The Standard Pistol: Is any .22 pistol. The rules specify a one-hand hold, open sights and a barrel length of 5.9 inches or less. These rules allow pistols such as the S&W Model 41, High Standard, Colt Woodsman or Browning Buckmark, etc. We offer a reasonable interpretation of International Shooting Union (ISU) rules to include any shooter who may have a firearm that does not meet the rules.

This Walther CP2 air pistol was used
by the Swedish world champion, Ragnar Skanaker,
to win an Olympic Gold medal.

Air Pistol:
Can be shot with any .177 cal. Air Pistol. Feinwerkbaus, Hammerli, Pardini and Walther make the best models of air pistol. Three types of mechanisms can propel the .177 cal. pellet: spring, pneumatic and CO2. The trigger pull must be at least 500 grams (17.64 ounces).

We use the B-40 target at 10 meters (33 ft.). The match lasts up to one hour and 45 minutes. There are unlimited sighters and 60 shots for record. The only stipulation is that once you start the match you cannot go back for more sighters.

Free Pistol:
A free pistol is a .22 LR cal. pistol, unlimited, and is shot with one hand, with open sights, the barrel above the trigger, and weighs less than 2.2 kilograms (4.85 lbs.). The picture above shows the Hammerli 152. The course of fire is unlimited sighters, then 60 shots for record in 2.5 hours.

Free pistol is the most exacting of all shooting disciplines. The B-l I target is used at 50 feet indoors and the B-17 target is used outdoors. The bullseye is about the size of a little fingernail at 50 feet and about the size of a 50-cent piece at 50 meters.

International Rapid Fire:
The course of fire is 5 targets at 25 meters, edged. At the ready, the targets face you. As the targets turn, you are allowed to raise your arm and fire one shot on each target. At the end of the series, the targets edge away. There is one series of 5 shots in 8 seconds for sighters, then 2 series of 5 shots in 8 seconds, 2 series of 5 shots in 6 seconds, then 2 series of 5 shots in 4 seconds. This complete series is shot twice for a total score of 600. This can be shot with any .22LR pistol, or with the more highly specialized rapid-fire pistols that shoot .22 Shorts. (22. Shorts have an advantage over .22LRs.) Hammerli 232 (pictured above), Unique, FAS, Pardini and Walther make good models, but you can have a good time and learn the rules with any .22LR semi-automatic. These matches are conducted under International Shooting Union (ISU) rules.

We also shoot NRA Style matches. The matches are shot with the .22LR, center fire, and .45ACP. Most people use the .45ACP for both the center fire stage as well as the .45 stage, so they can practice with only two firearms, and need ammo for only two. Open or optical sights are allowed.

The course of fire is:

3 targets (B-6) , 10 shots per target in 10 minutes, at 50 yards,
3 targets (B-8) , 10 shots per target in 20 seconds per 5-shot string,
3 targets (B-8) , 10 shots per target in 10 seconds per 5-shot string.
That totals of 90 shots per gun.

90 with the .22LR, 90 CF, and 90 with the .45 comprise a total of 270 shots, and a scoring total of a possible 2700.

We also shoot the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) "Excellence in Competition" Match, also known as the .45 Leg Match.
This match is shot with the standard .45ACP, with military-issue 230-grain ammunition and is only 30 shots. The 9mm Beretta is also legal for this match. The trigger pull for the competition must be at least 4 pounds.
We usually shoot this match only once or twice a year and all are welcome. The match fee goes to the CMP.
The course is:

10 shots at 50 yards slow fire, 10 shots at 25 yards timed fire,
(2 strings of 5 shots in 20 seconds), and 10 shots rapid fire
(2 strings of 5 shots in 10 seconds).

This match is held on the days that we have a State or Regional Championship. We usually have two relays; therefore, it is almost always possible to borrow a gun to use on an alternate relay.

All pistol events held at WWGC are open to the public. The dates and times of upcoming events are listed here. At all matches, we emphasize safety, education and fun.

In the past, I have offered instructional classes for adults and juniors usually about one month before the Cornhusker State Games. If you have any questions, please call me at 558-2211 (work) or 333-3785 (home).

We run low key matches and welcome juniors and women as well as men, and all levels, including beginners. We have a special half-price entry fee for all first-time shooters. We are an equal opportunity fun group with an emphasis on safety.

Bill Schlichtemeier