Rex Lerum

Vice President
Greg Pettis

Tom Bierman

Keith Darnell

Tom Bierman

Membership Director
Ken King

Directors at Large
Jim Spaulding
Bill Schlichtemeier
Scott Rollins
Rich Layendecker
Jeff Jones

Target Pricing
...and ordering information

Work Days
April 19, 2014
July 12, 2014
Rimfire Challenge

Hunter Sight In
Oct  25 & 26, 2014

From the "Gunny"
Using the range
Garand Clinic
Three Gun
Handgun Pits
CMP Certificate
Grounds Management
Shooting Glasses
Work Days
NRA Membership
Hunter Education
SANDS Program
Cornhusker State Games
CCW Application Form
Freedom Alliance
Shooting Park Photo

Official WWGC Target Frame PLANS... these are designed especially for our range backstop elevations and will work with our placements and pipes.

Printable Targets:
These are airgun targets, 15 styles. Acrobat file, 127KB.
See a sample...

All Club Patches
$3.00 each 2 for $5.00- send me an to buy either a hat or a patch.

Membership/Renewal Requirements

The Weeping Water Gun Club is non-discriminatory and membership is open to everyone who meets the club's membership requirements. All membership requests should be directed to Ken King, Membership Director (402) 291-6805. Check the "Scheduled Meetings" page for the New Members meeting dates. Email

New Membership:

1. Be a current member of the National Rifle Association or sign up to become a member at time of registration.

2. Possess one of the following (Current):

  • Federal Firearms License
  • Nebraska Hand Gun Purchase Certificate
  • City of Omaha Handgun Identification Card
  • State or Federal Permit to Carry Weapon
  • NCIC background check

3. Membership Fee: $110.00 dues + $65.00 initiation fee (total $175.00) until July 1st. After July 1st the fee is $230.00 but will include your next year's membership.

1. Submit signed copy of Range Rules.

2. Be a current member of the NRA and provide a membership card with expiration date.

3. Provide one or more of the following (must be current):

  • Federal Firearms License
  • Nebraska Hand Gun Purchase Certificate
  • City of Omaha Handgun Identification Card
  • Concealed carry permit -any jurisdiction
  • NCIC background check

    Note: Members must keep both their NRA membership and method of background check current and valid throughout the membership year.

4. Membership Renewal Fee: $110.00 until April 1st. After April 1st the fee is $175.00. Also, after April 1, your membership application is subject to review.

# 2 and 3 above Weeping Water Gun Club will not produce copies of these documents from old records. It is the renewing member's responsibility to provide new copies for each membership year.

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