Permanent Target Stands
No armor piercing, incendiary or tracer Ammo. on WWGC ranges.

Permanent target stands are provided at 25-50-100 and 200 yards. Whoever, if
these are is use you may need your own target stands. Those shown below are
just a few of the ideas submitted by members.

Additionally, shooting offhand or standing on the rimfire/handgun range "low
power"at targets 7-15 yards in front of the firing line will require the target to
be placed approximately one foot taller than the shooter; due to the contour
of the ground forward of the firing line.

Traditional handgun and rim fire Ammo. only on the short Pistol Range. No HP
rifle Ammo. or Shotgun Slugs.
firingln.jpg (35786 bytes)

25-50-100 yd. Target


(1) 2" x 2" x 7'
(2) round electric fence posts
(4) bull-nosed clips (to hold targets to posts)


Trim 2" x 2" at one end so it will fit into a 2" ID pipe
Drill holes in 2" x 2", 12 1/2" apart moving down the 2" x 2". Holes must be large enough to allow posts to pass through them.


Place post in pipe at correct yardage line with holes running parallel to firing line. Insert top post through post at proper height, insert lower rod through post in next hole. Place clip on post (2 on top and 2 on bottom post), clip to target.

50-100 yd. Target


(2) 1/2"x 10' plastic conduit
(1) 3/8" x 10' re-bar
(2) 90 Degree plastic conduit elbows
(2) "T" sections for plastic conduit
(1) 2' x 3' cardboard
Assorted large clips to hold cardboard to frame


Cut re-bar into 5' sections
Cut Conduit:
2 35" (horiz. target parts)
2 23" (vert. target parts)
2 28" (legs for benchrest and prone)
2 52" (legs for standing)


Do NOT glue together
Place elbows on on 35" piece
Place 23" piece in elbows
Place "T's" on remaining 35" piece with bottom of "T" on the piece
Place bottom horisontal 35" piece with "T's" onto 23" pieces
Install correct length legs for shooting activity
Place cardboard on fram with clip in the 2' side of cardboard

To Use:

Put re-bar pice into ground with hammer at distance you wish to shoot
Slide target leg over re-bar, mark where other re-bar goes, place other re-bar
Slide target legs over re-bars

200 yd. Target


(2) 2" x 4" x 42" boards
(2) 2" x 2" x 68"
(4) plywood triangles, 6"
(2) eye hooks
(1) bedsheet or muslin large enough to cover frame


Screw the 2" x 2"s to the outside edge of the 2" x 4" horizontal pieces
Attach plywood triangles to back of frame to make a right-angle rectangle with glue and wood screws
Staple bedsheet to outside edge of frame, making the covering tight
Screw the eyehooks into the top edge of a 2" x 4" about 8" in from the edge

Attaching Targets:

Using a good wallpaper paste, brush paste onto back of target, apply to frame covering, brushing to make smooth